Users Ambassadors

Any user can become an Ambassador and invite other users and advertisers from anywhere in the world.

  • There is no limit on the number of users or advertisers you can invite.
  • You will receive forever 15 % of:
    • All the balance generated by users who have registered with your Ambassador's Code.
    • All the money that advertisers have entered for their campaigns who have registered with your Ambassador's Code.
  • The 15 % received by the Ambassador is separate from what the user earns. The user will earn the same. This 15% will be paid by Zaoree.

Companies Ambassadors

Any company can become an Ambassador, having exactly the same characteristics that ambassador users.

  • You just have to spread your own Ambassador's Code among your clients, partners, employees, etc..
  • The 15 % perceived from contacts can be a new source of income for NGOs, Marketing Agencies, companies that want to promote Zaoree in their own country, etc..

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